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E-City Entertainment is where artist meets dream come true. We walk the walk and talk the talk. Living by our motto "Don't Wish For It Work For It" expect us to do the same. We offer a variety of options for artist such as, in-house production, artist development, Publishing, CD Duplication and many others. We believe in ourselves and we believe in our artist. Expect to maximize your talents at E-City Entertainment.


dont wish for it work for it

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Briefly, understand that a manager is primarily interested in the commercial viability of your creative work. There are a lot of truly creative people who write, sing and perform very well but their work doesn’t have the commercial potential to make it worth the time of an artist manager to try to develop.

Are You Ready?: You want to be the best? We want that for you as well. Do you have what it takes? The will power, the talent, the drive to be successful. We sure hope so. At E-City Entertainment "We Don't Wish, We Work. With our unique and creative approach to each individual artist strengths and weakness. The top is the only place left to go.


Our basic functions are to make deals with songwriters, promote the songs their songwriters compose to musicians and anyone else who may need a song for whatever reason (advertising, a movie, a promotional campaign, etc), issue licenses for the use of the songs they represent and collect licensing fees. This work is usually referred to as the administration of a song.